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The World Cup is the world's biggest sporting event. Immigrants from all the participating countries live in the US. Take time to find out which fans lives near you - learn about their homes, celebrate their culture, and support their businesses.
Make it Our Cup.

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Every four years the world comes together to celebrate highs and lows of soccer. More than half the planet watched the 2018 tournament in Russia. The games bring people together all over the world.

Qatar is the host for the men's competition. Controversy has plagued the planning since the very moment it was awarded to them. FIFA, the sport's global governing body, was bribed extensively and rakes in billions.

Qatar in many ways a terrible choice. The intense heat forced them to reschedule to December. They have few stadiums, so they brought in countless numbers of migrant labor with few protections and significant evidence of abuse. There are few protections for the LGBT community and significant concerns for those fans attending.

But for many of the players, and fans, this is the chance of a lifetime. So instead of celebrating Qatar and FIFA this year, let's focus on them. Every World Cup fan has a story about the joys of connecting with someone from across the globe, learning about their culture, community, and journey.

Use the button below to find out who your neighbors are supporting. Then get out there and taste their food, listen to their music, support their restaurants, and learn from their home. Celebrate their cultures, instead of FIFA's corruption. Make it Our Cup.

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