The Data Culture Group builds collaborative projects to interrogate our datafied society with a focus on rethinking participation and power in data processes. Led by Professor Rahul Bhargava, we are a part of the College of Arts, Media and Design at Northeastern University.

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We think out loud, sharing our process and research via blog posts. Consider our blog as our open notebook, full of sketches and under-construction ideas.

  • The Data-Driven Citizen

    As a double major in computer science and cognitive science back as an undergraduate, I was fascinated by how even complex concepts might be effectively conveyed to a broad audience, given some understanding of how people think. One of my favorite class readings was an essay called “The...

  • Paper: Pandemic Pedagogy @ IEEE Vis 2020

    The pandemic has created significant teaching challenges for data visualization educators. Classroom-based hands-on activities don’t readily translate into engaging online experiences. This paper lays out three guiding principles I used to make this transition - maintaining learning g...

  • Pandemic news coverage is falling, but cases keep rising

    The Covid-19 pandemic has yielded unprecedented media coverage. Over the last six months, no single topic has taken over online news quite like the coronavirus has. In fact, at its peak in late March, almost 75% of all stories in top U.S. online media sources mentioned coronavirus in so...

  • Welcome

    Welcome to the online home of the Data Culture Group at Northeastern University. We are an interdisciplinary research group led by Professor Rahul Bhargava, housed in the College of Arts, Media and Design.

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