Talk - Get off the screen!!! 4/1/2021

I’ll speaking on April 1st as part of the ART/DATA/HEALTH Seminar series, which focuses on communicating public health data creatively during the pandemic (hosted by the University of Brighton). Register now.


Why is data so often trapped on our 2-dimensional screens? Why do we default to simple charts to show it? Our toolkit for bringing people together around data in civic health settings is far too limited. Rahul will discuss alternative approaches that build on the language of the arts, meeting people where they are, in formats they understand. Participatory theatre, community murals, public art installations - these techniques build a more appropriate toolbox for communicating with health data. Rahul will share examples from his work, and the underlying pedagogy behind it. You’ll walk away with a rich set of inspirations and concrete approaches you can integrate into you arts, health, and data practices.

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Rahul Bhargava
Rahul Bhargava

Assistant Professor, Journalism and Art + Design, Northeastern University

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