• Panel talk on Data Against Feminism Project 4/9/2021

    I’ll speaking on April 9th with on the Angeles Martinez Cuba (of MIT’s Data + Feminism Lab) on the “Good Data / Data for [Public] Good” Panel at the NULab’s Annual Spring Conference. We’ll be discussing some of the under-construction technology co-design work we are doing with global ad...

  • Talk - Get off the screen!!! 4/1/2021

    I’ll speaking on April 1st as part of the ART/DATA/HEALTH Seminar series, which focuses on communicating public health data creatively during the pandemic (hosted by the University of Brighton). Register now.

  • Talk - The Physical Life of Data

    I’m excited to be speaking with my collaborator Laura Perovich about our Embodying Information project at the Northeastern University Center for Design’s panel on “The Physical Life of Data”. This panel talk is on Thursday Jan 28,2021 at 12pm (Boston time).


  • Workshop for Librarians - How to "Speak Data"

    We will be leading a virtual workshop for the Network of the National Library of Medicine. This online workshop is targetted at public librarians across the US. It is scheduled for Tuesday Dec 15th at 2pm EST. Register Now!