• A New Tool To Help Understand Partisan News in the US

    The latest Zelda game is being covered a lot more in Democrat-serving online news sites. That’s one of the first random tidbits I noticed in “On Our Own Terms”, a new tool built by Claire Pan and I as part of the Media Could project.


  • Upcoming AMC FAccT Talk: Towards Intersectional Feminist and Participatory ML

    We’ll be presenting our collaborative work on the Data Against Feminicide project at the 2022 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability and Transparency. We’re very excited to put forward this work as a case study in intersectional feminist and participatory approaches to machine learn...

  • Helping Computers Find Food in Text

    Computers are good at processing large amounts of information, but bad at intuiting what that information actually is. For an ongoing research project looking at mentions of food in online media, we’re trying to help computers get better at recognizing entities in unstructured text. Giv...

  • Upcoming Talk at C+J'22 Conference: News as Data for Activists

    I’ll be speaking at the 2022 Computation + Journalism conference, hosted at Columbia University from June 9-11. I’ll be presenting a paper on the software architecture supporting the Data Against Feminicide project.


  • Finding Tweets in Online News

    The use of embedded content from Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and other platforms has grown to become a norm in online news content. When these platforms emerged journalists employed existing industry norms to treat them like traditional sources - content that needed verification, vetting,...

  • Musical Mosaics: a computational design prototype

    Computational generative design is a fascinating space available to those with access to coding skills and prototyping machines such as laser cutters and 3d printers. But what happens at the intersections of simple computational design and traditional craft disciplines? We were interest...


  • Sketching Together Online

    The switch to remote learning during the Covid pandemic has been challenging for educators of all stripes, and those trying to teach data storytelling have been no exception. Many of our data literacy activities in their current form are dependent on robust small-group discussion and re...

  • What Can AR Do for Climate Change Communication?

    AR has emerged as a popular approach to interacting with technology - creators are leveraging it for video games, educational experiences, live filters and more. We are motivated by this development to explore how AR is being used for pro-social communication. What can AR offer to thing...