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  • A Portable Electic Warming Blanket

    My brother-in-law Alex has been in a wheelchair since an accident a few years ago. Being tinkerers, we’ve had fun brainstorming assistive technologies that might fill various needs that have come up for him. Early on this involved digging into products that exist already, but more recen...

  • Advocating for Food Security with a Data Sculpture

    The pandemic has affected so many aspects of our lives, amplifying disparities and challenges that already existed. For far too many households simply having access to enough food to eat is a daily challenge. During the early months of the COVID pandemic, an average of 1,659 new househo...

  • 2020 - Year of the Data Sculpture?

    The hype around data continues unabated, with the processes of quantitative analysis seeping into more and more of our lives. From government policies, to business decision making, quantitative data have become central to a growing part of people’s lives. We are presented daily with ch...

  • Is it windier, or is it just me?

    Boston is slowly emerging from its pandemic winter of isolation. As evidence mounts on the relative low risk of being outdoors and acquiring COVID, and with spring weather unfurling its warming embrace, people are rediscovering the outdoors. We’re heading outside in droves. I’ve persona...

  • Panel talk on Data Against Feminism Project 4/9/2021

    I’ll speaking on April 9th with on the Angeles Martinez Cuba (of MIT’s Data + Feminism Lab) on the “Good Data / Data for [Public] Good” Panel at the NULab’s Annual Spring Conference. We’ll be discussing some of the under-construction technology co-design work we are doing with global ad...

  • Talk - Get off the screen!!! 4/1/2021

    I’ll speaking on April 1st as part of the ART/DATA/HEALTH Seminar series, which focuses on communicating public health data creatively during the pandemic (hosted by the University of Brighton). Register now.

  • Talk - The Physical Life of Data

    I’m excited to be speaking with my collaborator Laura Perovich about our Embodying Information project at the Northeastern University Center for Design’s panel on “The Physical Life of Data”. This panel talk is on Thursday Jan 28,2021 at 12pm (Boston time).

  • Workshop for Librarians - How to "Speak Data"

    We will be leading a virtual workshop for the Network of the National Library of Medicine. This online workshop is targetted at public librarians across the US. It is scheduled for Tuesday Dec 15th at 2pm EST. Register Now!

  • Paper: Pandemic Pedagogy @ IEEE Vis 2020

    The pandemic has created significant teaching challenges for data visualization educators. Classroom-based hands-on activities don’t readily translate into engaging online experiences. This paper lays out three guiding principles I used to make this transition - maintaining learning g...

  • Pandemic news coverage is falling, but cases keep rising

    The Covid-19 pandemic has yielded unprecedented media coverage. Over the last six months, no single topic has taken over online news quite like the coronavirus has. In fact, at its peak in late March, almost 75% of all stories in top U.S. online media sources mentioned coronavirus in so...

  • Welcome

    Welcome to the online home of the Data Culture Group at Northeastern University. We are an interdisciplinary research group led by Professor Rahul Bhargava, housed in the College of Arts, Media and Design.

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